Bottled in Bond Rye


In 1897, The federal government stepped in with the first consumer protection law. This act ensured that any whiskey bearing the name “Bottled-in-Bond” was produced by the same distiller, at the same distillery, during the same distilling season, aged for at least four years, unadulterated (except for water), and bottled at exactly 100 proof. These regulations gave assurance to the consumers that they were drinking an unadulterated whiskey, and helped define the very American whiskeys we know and love today. We take our selection of barrels very seriously, and each cask is individually assessed for character. We came up with a golden ratio for this blend of barrels, picking out key characteristics that emphasize a smooth and flavorful whiskey like no other.

Tasting Notes

Bold, complex, with layers of spices and dried fruits. A smooth finish, with a building spice and fruit end, mesquite dry grass.

ABV / Proof